The Autumn TAG 2014

Autumn is upon us and I’m super excited for it, although I know it won’t begin to feel anything like it anytime soon here in Houston. This is probably going to be the time of year I miss the most in St. Louis, but luckily I’ll be going back for my roomie’s wedding in October so I’ll get a little bit of it then. Any who, I found this fun tag and thought I give it a try, I’ll also be tagging some of my favorite bloggers and see if they decide to try it as well.
Autumn TAG

1. Ok we’re talking coffee’s – what’s your favorite seasonal drink?

Like everyone else I’m guilty of looking forward to a pumpkin spice latte but my favorite drink is the salted carmel latte. I gotta say, I’m not the biggest fan of peppermint but will drink it form time to time. But honestly anything that has whipped cream, caramel drizzled on top, and sea salt, I absolutely love!

2. Accessories – what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?

I LOVE wearing my boots, scarfs, and my trench coat. Although, now that I’m back in Houston I might not be wearing them as long as I want.

3. Music – what’s your favorite music to listen to during Autumn?

I love hearing my country music all year long but I once Thanksgiving approaches I like to listen to Christmas music to get into the spirit of things.

4. Perfume – what’s your favorite scent for this time of year?

This is usually when I transition from my summer body spray to perfume, but I am guilty of wearing body spray if it’s a fall scent. Plus it’s easy to toss in your purse and not worry about it breaking because it isn’t made of glass. My usual go to scents are in the category of apple, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, and my all time favorite twilight woods from Bath & Body Works.

5. Candles – what scents will you be burning this season?

I’m actually not a candle person, I’m a wax kind of gal. Ever since I got my wax warmer that’s been all I’ve used and I use it all year round. I typically go for a strong cinnamon or vanilla scent, but occasionally I will buy the ones that smell like baked goods so it can smell like I just baked in the house, when in reality I didn’t.

6. What do you love most about Autumn?

The cool crisp in the air, layering my clothes and the fact that my hair and makeup stays in place longer because I’m not sweating.

7. Favorite makeup look?

I love having a dark lip (cranberry or plum) and bronzed cheeks with a bit of blush to pull it all together.

8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?

My roomie and best friend, Alyssa is getting married and I’ll be in the wedding! Alyssa and Samson have always been one of my favorite couples, they are the perfect example of what a healthy relationship should be. Chris will be attending the wedding with me and by then it will have been 2 months that we haven’t seen each other, so I’m pretty excited to be see him again. This also will be the first time that I’m in Houston with my family after 4 years, I look forward to having a season filled with family time.

I TAG: The Kelsey Wolf Blog, Military Sibling 101Penny Pincher Fashion, Sisterholics, The Double Take Girls, Life with Emily Blog, My Corporate Chic, The Sweetest Thing, From Prosecco to Plaid, Sunday Beach and Chic Street Style.

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Con Amor

Houston Steak Night

Houton Steak Night

Many of you know I’m a Houston native but I’ve been away for 4 years so I’ve been completely out of the loop. Coming back home has been an adventure! It feels like I’m in new city that I have never discovered before, so I’m slowly learning where the best places are to eat, drink, and lounge. Having that said, one of my best friends took me out to have a little late birthday celebration to a Houston Steak Night.

We went to Public House in the Heights (which isn’t listed below) on a wednesday night and got a delicious meal for only $15. He explained to me that this is done all over Houston and it’s great business for bars because during the week its slow, so the way they bring in customers is with food and while you’re there you go to the bar and buy a few drinks. Plus if you’re like me and don’t like big crowds of people at bars or restaurants, it’s perfect! You take a break during the week to catch up with friends in a chill atmosphere, have a few drinks and some good steak.

Side Note: I’ve been told that all these places are cash only for the steak because the people who are out there making the steak are only there for that night but everything else at the bar can be paid with card. So don’t forget cash if you decide to try Steak Night!

I got all of my info from their website: and if you want to be up to date with new ones being added and costumer reviews, like them on Facebook-Houston Steak Night

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Survived My First Float Trip/My Birthday Weekend

Happy hump day everyone,

Sorry this post is being uploaded a little late but life has been a little crazy for me these past 2 weeks. Any who, I survived my first float trip and was blessed with another year of life! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to have gone with, everyone was fun and caring of each other. I was also surprised about how close we were able to get to the country artist, we may have not been front row but they never really seemed far no matter where you were standing. I also learned a few things along the way, like make sure the waterproof bag is shut all the way before putting it back in the raft! My camera may have been ruined by the water but at least I was able to get a few shots before it called it quits.

A few extra things I learned:

  • You can’t really “glamp” (Glamorized camping) because it’s humid hot, you sweat like crazy and your hair is bound to go up in a pony
  • It’s not a race so still back, relax and have a beer-You’re literally stuck in raft traffic and will be going at a slow past so be patient and don’t drink fast
  • Making friends on the river and at campsites can be fun
  • And matching with your boyfriend and organizing outfits with your girls is a bonus


As always, thank you for reading.

Con Amor

Travel Attire

Happy thursday everyone!
This past weekend I traveled to St. Louis and had an incredible birthday weekend at my first float trip with country music, drinks, great people, 2 of my best girl friends and my wonderful boyfriend. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to combine all the things I love for my 22nd birthday, I’m truly blessed! So I thought make a quick travel post of a few comfy outfits I have worn in the past that have worked for me.
Funny Story: As I said, I was in STL for the weekend and woke up at 5am because my flight was at 6:45. I was dropped off, went through security and was waiting at my gate when I noticed the next flight said Chicago. So I asked the people at the desk if my flight had changed she then told me my flight was a pm flight. I said ok I was just checking and making sure it didn’t change, the guy then said “Did you hear what she said? It’s a PM flight!” So I had to have Chris pick me up and I spent a little more time in STL for the day. There’s my embarrassing moment of the year!
Travel Attire #1
 I actually wore something very similar to this on Monday when I was flying back to Houston. Also how cool are these headphone?!
Travel Attire #2
 Side note: These were A LOT of fun making so if y’all like seeing collages like these please let me know, I would love to make some more in the future. I’m thinking mixing it up a bit and not always doing attire…thoughts?
Travel Attire #3
 All these looks were created to be very simple yet comfortable for traveling, at least they have been for me in the past. Do you have any go to looks or items you have to have when traveling? Tell me down below, I would love to know!
Also I will be sharing a bit about my birthday weekend soon, so your eyes out for that.
As always, thank you for reading
Con Amor

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

Since my birthday is this Sunday I thought I would put together a little collage that have been on my wish list for a bit. Now I don’t know about you but I like nice things but I also really love the little things in life. If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with stationary. So it’s no surprise that it made it to my birthday wish list.

Mini Life Update: I actually ended up coming back to stl to celebrate my birthday weekend at The Bull float trip (my first float trip) with some pretty amazing people, if I do say so myself. It feels a little weird because around this time of year I would be back in town to go to school. But in all honestly, I’m just happy to be spending it with some of the people I love most in life.

birthday collage


Monogram Necklace in Gold| Lorac PRO PaletteZebra Z-Grip Ballpoint PensSequin A-Line Swing Skirt| #GIRLBOSS BookFloppy Wool Fedora Hat| Leopard Fold Over Clutch | Sugar Paper Notebook

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and for those of you going back to school on Monday, happy first day back!

As always, thank you for reading

Con Amor

Hers and His:White Button Up

Happy hump day everyone,

Look who I convinced to do a photo shoot with me! I’m pretty lucky to have this guy in my life and have him not appose to getting a little out of his comfort zone. It was a little awkward for him at first but I think he got the hang of being in front of the camera.

Here’s to our first Hers and His post and many to come in the future.

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Splurge vs. Save

 Happy tuesday everyone,
Just wanted to share a little list of things I have found to either save money on or to spend a little more in order to get the best result of a product.
Splurge vs. Save


  • Primer- This is the foundation to your whole makeup look, if you have a great primer then your makeup will last all day.
  • Foundation- Since your foundation is the first thing you apply and then the rest of you makeup, it’s important to have one that run during the day because all your makeup will be off.
  • Finishing Spray- This is my lifesaver and something that I use pretty much everyday. Finishing spray is essentially hairspray for your face and will hold everything in for the day. (This is great for all day events)
  • Makeup Brushes- I have found that makeup brushes are like like paint brushes, the better the brush the better the preciseness of the painting. So in that content, think of your face as a canvas and your makeup brushes as your tools to paint a pretty picture, so having higher quality makeup brushes really does matter.
  • Eyeshadow- Though you may think you shouldn’t be spending too much on eyeshadow, it’s something you may want to consider because  higher end eyeshadows have higher pigmentation so the color will last longer.


  • Lipstick- I’ve realized that their are several dupes out there for almost every product and lipstick has become my favorite drugstore product to buy. You can easily find lipsticks that have high pigmentation and are long lasting.
  • Setting Powder- This is one of the products that I always apply after I have finished my makeup look to help set it all but any powder works.
  • Nail Polish- Honestly, anyone can make a cheap nail polish look good, as long as you add a finishing coat.
  • Mascara- My favorite kind of mascara has alway been from the drug store and as much as I try new ones I always come back to my original mascara.
  • Eyelashes- False lashes always make the finishing look complete, but you really don’t have to spend much as long as you have a good lash glue, they will stick on all day.
  • Lip Balm- Just like the lipstick, their are various of dupes that work just as good as any high end lip balms.

Don’t get me wrong I have tried all makeup products in both high end and drug store but these have been what I have found is worth my buck.

Also one tip that I recommend is always returning a product you didn’t like, even if it’s just a drugstore product (this includes Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.) 

As always, thank you for reading

Con Amor