Boots and Besties

IMG_2177Greeting from St. Louis,

Yes that’s right I said St. Louis, who knew I’d be back so soon? Well to be honest I didn’t, but I needed to get away a little to relax, refuel, and revisit with friends. Life post grad has been a little hard (as I had been told by many it would be) and having applied to so many jobs and just being in front of the computer applying and waiting for a response day after day had began to take a toll on me. This is when I knew I just needed to step away from it all and put everything in God’s hands, knowing I have done my part and just wait for him tell me what’s next. IMG_2224

What a better pick me up than having a mini photoshoot with my Shelby, in our boots, with our mason jars, and sweet tea?! These things basically sum up what our friendship is made of and since I moved away she decided to get us matching mason jars, which I am in LOVE with. So now anytime we drink sweet tea out of them, we’re reminded of our wonderful friendship and how distance will never be able to break it. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through senior year and now post grad life without her. Hopefully one of these days I can fully convince her to move down to the south with me.

Our mason jars were purchased on Etsy through Twinkle Twinkle Lil’ Jar

and we both wore Ariat boots!

IMG_2212IMG_2186IMG_2187IMG_2183IMG_2211A special thank you to Emily for taking our pictures last minute.

As always, thank you for reading.

Con Amor

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2 thoughts on “Boots and Besties

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